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recently, the EU member states unanimously passed a regulation, decided in October 7, 2006 to China originating in the mainland and Vietnam leather shoes the anti-dumping duties extend to Macao. This means that in the future exports from Macao to the EU Member States leather shoes, will also be levied as high as 16.5% anti-dumping duties. Since the from the EU to China mainland and Vietnam shoes anti-dumping duties, export from Macao to the EU's shoes has been increased to 4 times. The European Commission believes that, in the production of leather shoes, because of limited production facilities in Macao, unless it is re exported from mainland China to Macao, it can not have such a huge growth rate. In this sense, the mainland leather shoes manufacturers suspected of circumvention of anti-dumping duties previously determined, therefore, decided to apply anti circumvention measures. circumvention, refers to a state of a commodity in the anti-dumping duty or encounter the anti-dumping investigation of the case, to continue the exports of goods to another country, producers or exporters through the use of some form or method to avoid anti-dumping tax act. An investigation of such methods or actions by an importing country is an anti circum Cheap jordans online vention. Anti circumvention is the extension and extension of anti-dumping. Once the import country finds that anti circumvention is established, anti-dumping duties will be applied to the imported products. Lining Wade's 5 purple, Dwayne · Wade 2016-17 season NBA boots, shoe with composite mesh, 3M reflective film material, with the dorsal foot binding system, in the end is equipped with V type cutting 3D carbon fiber board, Bounse+ technology, Cushion technology shock rebound, with rubber outsole. item: ABAM057-12 001IzPVqzy7atcgr7SI44& amp; 690.jpeg (333.36 KB, download number: 41) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 upload 001IzPVqzy7atepXfpKb0& amp; 690.jpeg (99.59 KB, download number: 32) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 upload 001IzPVqzy7atetLrilb5& amp; 690.jpeg (92.03 KB, download number: 32) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 upload 001IzPVqzy7atetR2jY86& amp; 690.jpeg (89.15 KB, download number: 33) download Lining Wade 5 Purple 2017-4-22 09:59 uploadNBA has many for the firepot Nocturne arena legends such as tuna 20000 zhangdashuai our life does not fall Garnett had felt rebounds along for example Clyde had increased the dunk contest on to 3.6 meters high beat Jorda jordan shoes online sale n... the most rational people after heard this rumor story will laugh: "x is purely nonsense" but will immediately initiation "but this might really be able to do it..." The idea of legendary charm is that even if the parties personally denied bystanders will still bored Zhuansong and heated debates about his legend, in the workaday world everyone fantasy free flying a glider to people show the human is how to maximize the get rid of gravity gliding, wings two pie arbitrary and moustache fluffy unconstrained explosion head the native people in Houston from local Stirling high school writing and the city of bond,then began his career in the air flight brigade at University of Houston he and dream for two consecutive years the team into the NCAA final four but were playing with toys then after three announced to participate in the draft, the two friends together again is 12 years later,1983 Houston Rockets in hand champion and Bangyan sign gliders filled with hope in Houston but day hence satisfactory him until the 14th overall was pioneering points,Portland did not count on him to become the elder Bill Walton as the genius of rock and fledgling Drexler really not a blockbuster in his limited bench time (17.2 minutes) made only 7.7 points sco cheap air jordans re, but he beyond ordinary air operation ability and comprehensive skill but let people see the future will become the potential of National Cheng Kung University so the development path of the hidden dragon to dragon after 13 years and was a 13th draft re interpretation, the trail of the glider expectations very high that Bangyan hand in 1984 signed resolutely chosen Sam poewe rather than at the time it seems that overlap with the glider function of Jordan,The young glider deliver the goods second season half substitute but still with 17.2 points in the great leap forward of the progress of The 86-87 season glider became black and white duo 20+6+6 Mr. parand after ten years to become 20+5+5 regulars that "glider" of the title is not Langdexuming Portland people from every game he used to sail high speed flying in the basket above display or dunk or layup a trend which cannot be halted and elegant attack bow dribble manufacturing alliance no solution at most break The team to find a good opportunity without dividing the ball if no one lost decisively single pass has than Jordan also no less than that of the physical quality of Drexler gliding distance even superior "flying east, the West slip 〉back in September that he had first reporte Cheap air jordans for sale d " Black Icon Savege" now there are more details of the stiff trousers section models including Basic, Medium, Deep, Mid Deep, five for all sizes of tailoring friends can fully modified body. And the may miss a single product. In the knee obviously to the spider web other leather stressed, showing a strong Apart from the operation of the MT580, the Mita sneaker and New Balance will work together again from the CM576 start, Whiz is different from the earlier and the two party to build the CM576, joined the online shopping mall AKM high visibility of the three party to the spectrum of new love. And pure to the result, of course, let all white role to play, there is really let people feel the charm of summer sun, anti color learn its way, this time do not note style, presumably will really suck the eye.Nike Air Base 2 VNTG - 2013 spring new products first look at 2013-12-08 22:41:36 outlook in 2013, Nike will have a variety of retro jogging shoes back to our field of vision, which includes today to introduce this Nike Air Base 2 VNTG. This shoe is based on nylon material, with the toe and heel of the leather material to create mixed Swoosh. The bottom of a slightly yellow EVA exudes a thick retro feeling. The announcem jordan 3 katrina 2018 ent includes three color matching, each has a bright spot, which is superior, which you choose. Nike LeBron 9 "Invictus" customized version to appreciate 2013-12-08 22:34:16 recently shoes custom master GourmetKickz to a pair of Nike Lebron 9 HTM as the blueprint, to create a pair of Nike LeBron 9 "Invictus" personal customized version of the appreciation. "Invictus" is a Latin word, English translation is invincible is a famous sports movie film title, meaning "invincible". GourmetKickz is based on the national wind pattern of HTM's shoes, and adopts the concept of yin and Yang. The left foot is made of dark grey, and the right foot is golden. It is very special.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News recently, Nankang police clothing market in the city square of a suspect arrested, successfully destroyed a well-known brand sports shoes selling counterfeit dens, involving Goods worth more than 30 million RMB yuan. The investigation, from March 2012 to August 26 this year, in shoes, sports shoes, processing, wholesale, sales of certain parties, repeatedly buying cheap fake brand sports shoes at the shoe 800 from Lee more than double for their processing fake brand sports shoes. Also in the side of a do cheap jordans for sale uble 35 yuan ultra-cheap purchase from each Xiemou at fake "Adidas", "Nike", "Li Ning" and other well-known brands of sports shoes 500 pairs of finished products sold. The case is further investigation. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp; global fashion brand network)I believe many shoes fans would like to receipt of a set of Air Jordan shoes! Jordan Brand recently demonstrated a new Air Jordan All White white series for us, and recently a series of red also will be exposed. With the white suit design is exactly the same, only the upper color in bright red instead of the classic white, believe that this set is only for appreciation, there will not be commercially possible. red-air-jordans.jpg (323.56 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan All Red red series 2014-9-22 11:11 Air Jordan All Red upload, red 00.The above is not ten version of Jane, is the new KB shoes Nike KB Mentality spy. It is reported that this is a pair of Nike Basketball in the end of the market to create a new Kobe Series team shoes. Shoes with low uppers are used to help design, similar to the Nike Zoom 5 veneers design Kobe. White with black Lunarlon outsole midsole cushioning is simple, people full of hope. It is reported that this Nike KB Mentality is expected to be officially listed in 2015, No.: 704942-125.0.jpg (91.94 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-2 10:51 upload In addition to 1.jpg (110.75 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-2 10:51 upload Vans California the day before for the holiday season specially for the popularity of leisure shoes Classic Slip-On CA to prepare a new version of Knit Suede series. This version adds new upgrade design, mainly reflected in the body of the shoe materials, selection and combination of surface layer suede knitted a shoe body, equipped with large white bottom sulfide and Paisley bring out the texture insole comfortable leisure holiday taste. Now the series comes out with two choices of dark blue and gray, now available at Vans for $$70. 0.jpg (380.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:38 2014-10-6 1.jpg (318.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:38 2014-10-6 2.jpg (492.68 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:38 2014-10-6 3.jpg (606.48 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:38 2014-10-6 4.jpg (403.97 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:38 2014-10-6 5.jpg (543.47 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:38 2014-10-6 2014Nike LeBron 14 will soon boast the world debut, before the new generation boots LeBron Soldier 10 officially launched, this time once again released a big move. This pair of new at first glance there is no novelty, by the green army shoe body collocation white at the bottom, but a closer look reveals the toe and more high-grade suede materials, bandage on redesigned stripes and other details of the design is different, with a comprehensive upgrade. nike-lebron-soldier-10-olive-1.jpg (39.78 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Nike LeBron, Soldier 10, Lux, Olive, Green, upgrade again 2016-12-17 10:27 upload , Nike, LeBron, Soldier 10, Lux, warrior 10, soldier 1001This month, New Balance M530 constantly launched a new color, from the first year of OG color to the recently mentioned "orange and blue", such intensive release seems to want to put 530 as a fist to promote products, after all, after 574 very mature, Balance (low) New in blank no other choice at the end of the market needs a new "blood" to supplement caused consumers to the aesthetic fatigue of old products. To do the New Balance shoes in color, and the release of a new color New Balance M530 on the brand side completely the design pressure. The brown brown shape is very low-key, suede stitching net cloth shoes mainly oriented to "NB" signs, such as color and material that is in a way very well, can highlight the whole shoe texture. In this fashion, motion boundaries extremely fuzzy era, we have every reason to believe that the color of New Balance M530 can be combined and khaki pants and trousers, and don't forget, M530 is a retro running, ran to retro is standing in the forefront of the shoes. Currently you can find the shoes on the Oneness, the price is $120. 1411973423161_720x450.jpg (44.07 KB, download number: 1) download New Balance 530 Brown Suede 2014-9-29 16:46 upload 1411973423521_720x450.jpg (40.11 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 530 Brown Suede 2014-9-29 16:46 upload 1411973423150_720x450.jpg (36.87 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 530 Brown Suede 2014-9-29 16:46 upload 1411973423716_720x450.jpg (34.43 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 530 Brown Suede 2014-9-29 16:46 New Balance upload Suede 00, 530, Brown