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Whether the previous Nike or the current Adidas, "Yeezy" this label is the symbol of high price, Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost supply is indeed quite a lot, but more like people, the price has become reasonable. The day before a pair of well-known foreign sites exposed by Kenye. West Autographed the shoes, and it's $10 thousand starting price is the same as the Milky Way makes us feel distant, not the end of the auction, the final price will be much but also can make nothing of it, intuition told Xiao Bian belonging to this pair of shoes may the final is China.As the main products of the Adidas Originals ZX Flux series has launched a number of color in this year, the day before the release of the network again a pair of shoes of the latest color, inspired the arrogant forest designer, the body of the shoe with a green base, irregular black lines depict the branch pattern, finally in the classical collocation at the end, to ensure good comfort shoes. It is reported that the shoes can be purchased in some online shops, the price is $100, interested friends may wish to pay attention to hormones say, people are still stubbornly believe that "the same is similar, looking for a soul mate on the road a road to black. Thomas · Moore said: "it is a kind of spiritual height fit. At first, you may also say the same words, the same sentence, and later found out that you are the same person." believe have many urban passenger riding is looking for another session of the soul, if "the one" yet and you maintained a distance from the front to the rear of a, may wish to focus in on the long tic way to accompany you around for a "soul with shoe" - who said soulmate only the wrong things, those high Yan good quality business, Joker change can not afford a single product can live up to. Vittoriasince its inception in 1953, the Italy brand Vittoria has built a high degree of cred cheap foamposites for sale ibility of the partnership in the bicycle industry and create a unique brand image. Vittoria today is the world's leading bicycle tire manufacturers, the annual output of more than 7 million tires and 900000 famous pipe and cotton tire. The brand launched a new "graphene +" rubber tire in the long ago, can provide faster speed, traction and puncture resistance for road and mountain bike. it seems that each brand of Italy are fond of shoemaking, even the production of tires are too busy to attend to all Vittoria also involved in. Bones of the literary genes so that they in the process of making uphold the fine principle, "made in Italy" label will certainly stamp many of the hi point. The most popular product is the "1976" series of city lock shoes, to pay more attention to the product of the past years to pay more attention. material selection of artificial leather with super fine fibers, the upper clouds have a small round hole to ensure air circulation, nylon soles in both the rigid and comfortable. Step on this pair of shoes is like starting a period of travel through time, if you like the retro fashion and enjoy the functionality, it will be your heart quietly stole. Lorica Vittoria 1976 reference price: 117.95 The of the link: PhamQuoc Pham a graduated from Central Saint Martins College of art and design of Vietnamese American born designer, he in the entrepreneurial process experienced all kinds of hardships, but perseverance will again strike into leather uppers carefully crafted and fine winding, with high quality conquer the user. not long ago, just before the evaluation Quoc Pham produced city riding shoes.lockQuoc Pham Tourer Shoereference price: 149.90 The of the link:〉 the NBA today for a total of 10 games, the Clippers on bench frantically 67 performance in the home victory over the Celtics, the king lost t jordans for sale he Trail Blazers, Bryant had only five Lakers defeat sir, the Mavericks Nuggets Rick, the Knicks lost to lack of Anthony Davis pelican, veith Brooke again bomb triple double, this season so far has won 16 times 3 double KD also soared 34 points and eight rebounds and eight assists luxury data helped the thunder beat the Toronto Raptors, bull defeat the eagles, wolves Lectra sun, grizzly bear home lost to San Antonio, the heat is to take the nets with wade out color play to beat the nets. DeRozan Nike - Kobe Demar 11 LowEliteWade Li-Ning - WOW Dwyane 4 PEMcCollum Kyrie - 2C.J.Hood Nike - Kobe Rodney 11 LowEliteThomas Nike - Kobe Elite 11 Low Chris, Paul Jordan - CP3.IX PEIsaiahPorzingis Nike - Kobe X EliteKristapsAfflalo Air - Jordan OVO 10 "" ArronRose Adidas - D Rose Derrick 6 PEBoostAldridge Air - Jordan XX9 PELaMarcusWestbrook Air - Jordan XXX PERussellHoliday Kobe - XJrueKD - KD Nike 8 PEEliteKobe - Kobe Nike 11 Low PEEliteCauley-Stein Air - Jordan Willie 11 ConcordButler Jordan - Ultra.Fly PEJimmyTurner Li-Ning - WOW BHM 3 "〉" Evannowadays was enthusiastically shoes brand New Balance launched a high-profile men's shoes, but NB also did not forget to play expertise in the field of women. W996 "Polka Dot" will be landed on August in the choice of retailers, if you like, may as well recommend to the ladies around it. sneakers, New Balance, women's running shoes, This carefully introduced a lady climbing shoes, with the classic and popular 996 shoes as the prototype, add Purple Suede and laces decoration than in leather on printed with white dots, lines, both comfort and high texture, also show the unique personality and taste. , I wonder if you've ever heard of "LGBT"? At present, this Adidas Stan Smith is based on "LGBT" as the theme, in order to commemorate the first gay parade 50 years ago. shoes are made of white leather, tapered laces, gradient cheap air jordans insoles, and drip painted dots on the sides of the shoes. This section will be on sale in June. Please look forward to it! Speculation by the media "huge cost pressure" although in the manufacturing industry through "labor pains", but as a manufacturing CFO said, "there is there a reason. Manufacturing and production and life are of great significance, and must be more tenacious than other industries." And their "power" actually derived from the much criticized by the outside world "cost", the difference is that the new round of "China manufacturing cost management" has "technical content."". at the beginning of 2008, many Korean companies have Chinese illegal withdrawal from the coastal area. Their "night flight" in the "China concept" is still hot today attracted many eyes. Yonhap news agency reported that the Hongkong Federation of industry recently more than 80 thousand enterprises in mainland China conducted a questionnaire survey showed that 37% of respondents said that there are plans to transfer factories. Of these, 63% of Guangdong's respondents said they could not afford the soaring cost of production and wanted to leave china. Most of them considered moving factories to vietnam. raw material prices and wages rise, the new "labor contract law" promulgated, the RMB exchange rate rise, the increasing pressure of environmental protection, anti-dumping, all this seems to be the "cost advantage" known "China manufacturing" cornered. "dreaming."." In this "change" Chinese manufacturing "as a" Chinese creation "is still the mainstream of today, YAHOO China president, vice president of Alibaba group Zengming stunned," change the world economic situation is undergoing fundamental. Because of the enormous liquidity of huge financial and human capital in the world, the imitation and monopoly profits brought by any technological innovation are declining ra Cheap foamposites for sale pidly. The competition of relative homogenization makes low cost necessary for any enterprise to participate in competition. Both Chinese and multinational companies must face the cruelty of new competition and have no illusions." "want to have a brand name, or register some valuable invention patents, or some stable business secrets, or here, you can introduce some of the quality and technology to recover costs.". No one is trying, but success is easier said than done?" Economist Zhang Wuchang said, "there is a success, but those are people in Phoenix, God's favored one, the economic development of a country can not rely on a small number of people." When the really visit the media stir "huge cost pressure" manufacturing industry, on the other side of the coin: the manufacturing industry has shown some of this seems to have been close to not to regard it as right "truth" judgment. "Existence means existence.". Manufacturing and production and life are of great significance, and must be more tenacious than other industries. Some of the industry do well, and some do poorly, just look at how to do it." CFO, a large private enterprise in Fujian, said seriously. and their confidence was criticized by outsiders or from a "cost", which is different to rise with the cost management based on the "sweatshop" on the basis of "lean cost management", to seek new opportunities from the pressure. 〈 /)After seeing the Air Jordan 6 cigarette customized version, look at this pair of shoes is also from below the custom master Sab One's Air Jordan 3 Diamond. The Nike SB Diamond Dunk ultra limited Hi, is still the shoe fans about the topic, and to speak only to the Air Jordan series Sneaker, this is undoubtedly the best remedy. 1.jpg (132.26 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-8 14:50 upload 2.jpg (148.68 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-8 14:50 upload 3.jpg (127.17 KB, download number: 15) download 2014-5-8 14:50 Air Jordan upload 3, aj3, Diamond, diamond, a customized version of the 00Air Jordan 1 as the Air Jordan series of shoes the first person naturally not absent this time held in Toronto NBA All-Star all star event, and the back Jordan Brand from the basketball legend Michael Jordan in the world and no one can influence for the design to draw inspiration for this passport, all star weekend launched this Air Jordan 1 Retro High All-Star. This new form by black leather uppers, with silver trim, tongue and Swoosh wing, designed Takifugu vamp is also supplemented by in the passport as a decorative, finally equipped with white midsole and transparent rubber outsole. item: 850703-011 release date: February 14thPrice: air-jordan-1-all-star-passport-3.jpg (97.15 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 1 Retro High All-StarUpload 08:55 2016-2-10 air-jordan-1-all-star-passport-2.jpg (167.04 KB, download times: 17) download attachment Air Jordan 1 Retro High All-StarUpload 08:55 2016-2-10 air-jordan-1-all-star-passport-4.jpg (114.03 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Air Jordan 1 Retro High All-StarUpload 08:55 2016-2-10 air-jordan-1-all-star-passport.jpg (91.49 KB, download times: 7) download attachment Air Jordan 1 Retro High All-StarUpload 08:55 2016-2-10 air-jordan-1-all-star-passport-1.jpg (88.4〉The famous magazine "Sneaker Freaker" shoes together before the BespokeIND finals to customize this week the upcoming Australian Football League to the present, both using Nike Air Force 1 for the design blueprint, the leather material Sherrin football and high-quality soft kangaroo leather shoe body is formed by splicing, and create a red yellow and two versions. Each pair of shoes are made by hand. The average time is more than 40 hours. Meanwhile, the specially decorated acrylic shoes box is attached. The whole design is full of sincerity. 1.jpg (385.89 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Sneaker, Freaker, x, BespokeIND, Custom Edition, Nike, Air, Force, 1 2016-9-28 upload at 16:20 2.jpg (268.05 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Sneaker, Freaker, x, BespokeIND, Custom Edition, Nike, Air, Force, 1 2016-9-28 upload at 16:20 3.jpg (352.15 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Sneaker, Freaker, x, BespokeIND, Custom Edition, Nike, Air, Force, 1 2016-9-28 upload at 16:20 4.jpg (514.71 KB, download times: 6) download attachment Sneaker, Freaker, x, BespokeIND, Custom Edition, Nike, Air, Force, 1 2016-9-28 upload at 16:20 11.jpg (342.88 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Sneaker, Freaker, x, BespokeIND, Custom Edition, Nike, Air, Force, 1 2016-9-28 upload at 16:21 10.jpg (310.85 KB, download times: 5) download attachment Sneaker, Freaker, x 〉 New York artist; referred to as "SSUR" and the famous sports brand Converse; Pro Leather 1976 will be on sale. In May, it introduced the new preview of the shoes, and finally came to the sale information in three months. I believe this already famous Pro Leather 1976 will set off a new wave of buying craze. SSUR x Converse Pro Leather 1976 will work on sale in Converse global authorized stores and Undefeated shops in New York and SSUR STORE in August 20th, love a friend to start. Trussardi 1911, High, Top, Sneakersmi, Originals, X: CHOCOOLATE, Stan, Smith shoes comments on last article: Trussardi 1911, High, Top, Sneakers next article: Mi Originals X: CHOCOOLATE Stan Smith shoes NBA war xiewang received exclusive information, a classic Nike Dunk Low low to help new, stunning debut overseas stores, and soon will be the national market, the majority of fans of shoes is undoubtedly a big wedding. The upper line this pair of shoes the whole war to build expensive white leather, like a clean picture lay off, make the artificial color more delicate, true to life. Please see a yellow leather electric hook scale such as winding ribbon like shoe body side and tongue and bottom contrast car line echoes, set off each other, in addition, for the contrast in the tongue tag, laces and net cloth lining is dotted with green. This new product is now on sale at CaliRoots, a famous specialty store, and friends like you can rush to buy it immediately. Source: Battle shoes Wang , red and black, Nike, Air, Mariah, trend brand, SILAS, brand new sailing shoes comments on last article: "black and white Nike Air Mariah" next article: trend brand, SILAS brand new sailing shoesNike Air Way Up new 2013-12-08 23:11:38 tushang century 90s classic basketball shoes Nike Air Way Up products in this year three new color exposure, are gray in color, white, red and black color and white color version three. The use of three color matching is a low-key minimalist style, not too gorgeous, and the style of the year's shoes are very similar. Like friends can patiently wait for these three Nike Air Way Up, there is no more detailed information exposure, whether it will be sold in the domestic market is still unknown. 〈br 4="" is="" a="" wave="" of="" adidas="" ultraboost="" near="" 2017-05-15="" 16:03:49after="" Adidas UltraBOOST 4 Triple before the exposure of the White color, the network recently once again exposed the "Triple Black" and "Core Black", "Burgundy" and "Mocha" color design, Primeknit different weave texture to bring a new visual sense, color design on both sides of Cage regression support, BOOST is still full of blessings and feeling. At the end of. So far, there's no other release information, and friends like us can keep our eyes on the story.