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in the middle of last month by YEEZY MAFIA after the first exposure, photographer @sneakerprophet_ shoes; today unveiled the much anticipated Adidas Originals EQT Support; 93/17 physical details of all black color. from the shared photos can be seen, the double EQT Support 93/17 woven shoe body with pixel lines obviously, and heel support, BOOST midsole and outsole with black tone, in the inside of the front foot with white stripes and collocation contrast lake green insoles bring strong visual contrast. According to previous rumors, this new black soul will not be released until November 24th this year, is it expected? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! New Uzi other incense seat launched NEIGHBORHOOD Series in the spring and summer of 17. The design was inspired by a light submachine gun called "Uzi Submachine Gun" used by the Israeli army in the second world war. In addition to the use of ceramic production, the surface after processing can also present a metallic luster, used as decoration, also has a good effect. reportedly, this fragrant seat has gold, silver and color optional, will be in the near future login HAVEN designated shops, like friends may wish to pay more attention to. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! yesterday in the NBA were carried out in six games of the contest, the warriors won 12 straight games create a record in team history, Raymond de & middot; green new jordans shoes for sale hits 7 three pointers, take a team is also a game high 31 points, and his feet with the air jordan 11 "legend blue" color is also quite brisk. Clippers in 30 7 Griffin, Paul 18+16 victory over the parrot, the rockets at the Beverly comeback outbreak victory over the Suns, the Spurs in Parker and Manu truce, Duncan leading up to rely on collective to lead a team to victory. The remaining two games, 76 people and Magic were defeated opponents. Back to the end of the game, together to understand the next player in the game on the foot of the shoe last! Noel Nike - KD Nerlens 7 'USA' Monroe Jordan - Super.Fly 3GregCarter-Williams Nike - Zoom HyperrevMichaelJosh Smith - adidas Crazy LightBoostBrandon Jennings - Under Armour ClutchFit Drive LowAndre Iguodala - NikeHyperdunk 2014PEDraymond Green - Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue "Stephen Curry - Under Armour ClutchFit Drive Highlight PEPaul Gasol - NikeHyperdunk 2014PEMarreese Speights - Nike ZoomRun The OneDerrick Rose - adidasD Rose 5BoostKlay Thompson - NikeHyperdunk 2014PEJoakim Noah - adidas Crazy LightBoostPatrick Beverley - adidasD Rose 5Boost〈〉now wants to see which shoes are popular on the streets, to observe a can, such as last year very popular NMD: pull away... In the early 90s, American TV series "the fresh prince of Bel Air" may be said to be one of the vane shoes. young kid who has never seen, after looking back the continuous length of 56 hours of classic drama, 'take you to count the play appeared in classic shoes. 1.Air Jordan 5 Black / metallic silver scene: first sets, second sets, seventeenth sets, twenty-third sets, thirty-seventh sets of shoes year: 1990 's Will Smith has just began, wearing a black Air Jordan 5 debut. Throughout the f jordans on sale mens irst season, we found that Will Smith (or Williard Smith) of Air Jordan's favorite shoes. 2.Air Jordan 5 White / Black / red flame scene: first sets, tenth sets of shoes year: 1990 Air Jordan 5 in the whole history of shoes may not be as Air as Jordan 3 has a pivotal position, but this pair of shoes at the time was the most flamboyant. 3M reflective tongue and Will collocation of high-profile personalities was a seamless heavenly robe. 3.Nike Air Flight 90 scene: fourth sets, seventh sets, Ninth sets, thirteenth sets, Fifteenth sets of shoes year: 1990 Nike launched in the same year (including a fluorescent color embellishment) several different color Air Flight 90 really cool. The first season of Will wearing this pair of shoes is sufficient to prove the front stage, he is always walking in the fashion. 4.Air Jordan 5 white / purple grape scene: Fifth sets, fourteenth sets of shoes year: 1990 We often think of at the end of the summer wear white / Grape color Air Jordan 5 on the street, but you know, Will, but in more than 20 years ago done so. Learn to play the way, wearing Air Jordan 5, Philadelphia eating beef and cheese sandwiches, it is a kind of enjoyment! 5.Nike Quantum Force scene: Sixth sets, eleventh sets, fourteenth sets, eighteenth sets, twenty-fifth sets, ninety-ninth sets of shoes year: 1990 Quantum Force often appear in the first quarter, with Will because the race was arrested, as captain of the team, frightened "The "Transformers 5: coincides with the last Knight" was released, on behalf of the global IP hot sweeping through the region, is also the famous custom design unit of The Shoe Surgeon launched a note color to help stop. Choose a lot of fans of the Air Jordan 4 colloca cheap air jordans tion holy remodeling, first to protect the basic characteristics of the type of shoes, with yellow paint throughout. It is worth mentioning that as the creative staff of the Mark Wahlberg Jordan series fans are also shoes, this pair of shoes in the design is the selection of the "hornet" interpretation, especially the tongue, heel and other details of the decoration is also a bright spot. It is worth mentioning that the shoelace buckle details using brass ornament, inscribed overall texture, finally ending in contrast to white in the bottom of the design is exquisite. It is reported that, at present this pair of shoes is not exposed for sale information, interested friends can go to The Shoe Surgeon to find out.Sports players Nike WMNS Roshe Run HYP new color design & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-06-12 11:15:34 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 12 hearing, following the earlier release of a series of color design, a few days ago and in recent years the sports brand Nike Roshe Run HYP flagship bring this new color shoes. Designed with minimalist Roshe Run modeled departure, and adopted turquoise green mesh material Hyperfuse technology combined constitute the upper, combined with the same thick Phylon midsole color rendering, full of cool summer atmosphere. (Media Partner: shoe-like image & nbsp; Ju Chen Yue men) Related newsAt the beginning of the new year, many Central Asian countries followed Russia, and gradually introduced laws restricting foreigners from engaging in retail business locally. Chinese businessmen are the first to bear the brunt, and countries in Central Asia are cheap foamposites for sale in a difficult situation. Central Asian countries restrict Chinese businessmenThe new immigration law Kyrgyzstan Chinese businessmen to minimize inventory Kyrgyzstan in January 29th, the capital city of Bishkek, according to the Toronto market footwear business Mr. Zhao told reporters on the phone: "Notice of Bishkek city China businessman received market management department to clear foreign businessmen. Because they do not know how to implement the specific, it has not caused much impact to the local Chinese businessmen." in Bishkek in the Chinese restaurant Wang Yunshan told reporters, as of now, he has not received any notice of the local administration. Mr. Zhao also said that the Kyrgyz Chinese businessmen do not feel too much pressure at present. But in case, many people have begun to reduce the stock of goods. Kyrgyzstan speed of economic development lags behind Russia, for many years in the local foreign merchant management business is very relaxed. Until September last year, foreign businessmen in the country to obtain service permits are not limited by the number of places, the service permit is only about 200 yuan. ) Learned from the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Henan Province before the second quarter of 2014, the Bureau of supervision and inspection of product quality special labor protection shoes, a total sample of Zhengzhou, Hebi, Puyang, Nanyang 4 cities 18 enterprises in 35 batches of special labor protective footwear products, 4 batches are not in conformity with the standard requirements. learned from the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Henan Province before the second quarter of 2014, the Bureau of supervision and inspection of product quality spec air jordan 11 space jam for sale ial labor protection shoes, a total sample of Zhengzhou, Hebi, Puyang, Nanyang 4 cities 18 enterprises in 35 batches of special labor protective footwear products, 4 batches do not in conformity with the standard requirements. the supervision and inspection on the basis of the national mandatory standard GB21146 2007 "anti-static shoes", GB21148 2007 "personal protective equipment - safety shoes" in the "protection" and "safety shoes toe shoes", "multifunctional protective puncture proof shoes", GB12011 2009 " electric foot protection; insulated shoes (X) and" XK02-001 "special labor protection supplies production license implementation rules" of the product, height, upper seat region, the footwear organization for the protection of the general requirements, the protection of Baotou internal length, shoe impact resistance, pressure resistance, shoe shoe metal corrosion protection in Baotou a shoe specific engineering leak proof effect, upper thickness, upper General requirements, upper tensile properties, upper folding performance, the mainland and the insole insole and the shoe pad thickness, water absorption and desorption, the inner bottom wear resistance Insole, wear resistance, non slip field thickness, outsole wear resistance, folding resistance, outsole outsole interlayer bonding strength, shoe piercing force, anti piercing shoe pad upper folding resistance and pH value, pH value, the lining of the outsole pattern height, performance requirements of electricity, the electrical properties of anti-static shoes and mark project inspection. after sampling, Jiaozuo Xuguang Shoes Co. Ltd., Jiaozuo Global Rubber Co. Ltd., Jiaozuo Fudi Shoes Co. Ltd. and other enterprises produced 3 batches of products outs cheap jordans for sale ide the bottom resistance of unqualified items. In addition, Wenxian County million gold shoes Co., Ltd. a batch of products uppers bending resistance project failed. Henan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau said, has instructed the relevant provincial municipality, county (city) quality and technical supervision departments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the unqualified products and the production enterprises of this inspection shall be handled according to law. (editor in chief: Asia shoes industry)Two days ago just released adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott 2012 Winter Series, you like fun costumes fans already selected buy list yet? Footwear series, or you believe that the faithful are most concerned about style, although some time ago fetters shoes forced stillborn, but a closer look at the series still has a lot of attention in the same classic style, JS Wings is one of them. This in addition to still continue JS Wings bold color exceptional style, using rainbow colors outside, also joined earlier had appeared on the JS Bears styles of wool material, in bold black contour lines, loaded it full of Jeremy Scott innocence style, not considered a good buy list of friends may wish to refer note, August 12 about to log in and around the adidas Originals Store retail shop shelves. Source: nicekicks & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in a lot of Sneakerhead will love shoes for their invaluable to buy insurance, but whether this can foolproof the? Recently, a named Michael malekzadeh Sneakerhead and selling businesses projections fire, collections mostly destroyed in which, however, it never rains but it pours, insurance company can only to shoes original sale price payment, not referring to the market value of the selling price, which means now the market price of more than $4000 yeezy 2 "Red October" can only get $250 payment and other limited edition or engraved rare shoe money also is such. It seems to buy insurance is not the most important, to protect their own shoes and to ensure that the storage environment is the most important. source: kidultyNike this summer for female consumers tailored to the new Nike Lunar Elite Sky Hi City series, the series of the molecular structure of the upper pattern, equipped with Lunar soles, show different results with silver, pink, gold and black shoes, feet quite eye-catching. 1-140331093235.jpg (102.04 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093232.jpg (118.99 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 upload 11:48 1-140331093238.jpg (139.11 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093240.jpg (103.9 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093244.jpg (147.33 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093242.jpg (103.2 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093246.jpg (106.8 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093249.jpg (137.28 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload 1-140331093251.jpg (83.34 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 11:49 upload in October 28th, from AOKANG and other appeals to the EU anti-dumping shoes enterprises hired by the lawyers delegation came news: the European Court of first instance has completed the first round of anti-dumping proceedings filed by AOKANG and other Chinese appeal shoe enterprises. Last week, AOKANG group, Wenzhou, Guangdong and new shoe temane gold dollar and other Chinese appeal shoe enterprises have all received the European Court of first instance forwarded by the EU Council of ministers and other stakeholders in the first round of a written reply. in October 7, 2006, the European Union imposed a 16.5% anti-dumping duty on leather shoes originating in China for a period of 2 years. In October 23rd, AOKANG decided to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit against the European Court of first instance. In December 29th, AOKANG group, Wenzhou, Guangdong and Guangdong shoe temane gold new Hong Kong dollar and shoe the lawsuit filed in the court of first instance of the eu. After the court of first instance accepted the lawsuit of Chinese shoe-making enterprises, the two rounds of defense will be held by the European Court of first instance, and the total time will be about 2 years. "as the first round of defense, the Council of European Union has made a plea response to the lawsuits filed by AOKANG and other Chinese shoe enterprises. But in the first round of the respondent in the process, the Commission is not as stakeholders involved in the judicial process, retaining only the oral defense right." "China shoe enterprises in dealing with trade barriers to cooperation organization legal adviser, lawyer Pu Lingchen introduced in April this year, the Commission has served as related to the interests of the EU Court of first instance proposed intervention request, expressed support for the EU council. Subsequently, in July, the European Footwear Association and Italy 17 shoe-making enterprises also made requests and intervened in the judicial process. Pu Lingchen introduced, according to the European Union anti-dumping judicial proceedings, the first round of defense after the end of the program, then started the second round of defense procedures, the time will be a year. In the course of the second round of reply, the Chinese side will mainly defend the points raised by the respondent in the first round of defense, such as the technical problems of dumping calculation and how to apply the sampling investigation procedure. it is understood that the EU anti-dumping measures implemented a year ago, the Chinese leather shoes industry exports have had a big impact. According to the data provided by the chamber of Commerce of China's light industrial craft import and export products, the number of EU anti-dumping imports of leather shoes dropped by 7.76% in the first half of this year compared with the same period. Among them, the anti-dumping duties levied by countries - China and Vietnam imports declined significantly, such as imports from China, the amount of 86 million pairs, the import amount of $943 million, respectively, compared with the same period last year dropped by 26.37% and 21.36%. , however, there are indications that the "containment" comes from the number of Chinese leather shoes exported and replaced by leather shoes from other countries. There are Chinese shoe enterprises said that anti-dumping measures caused many European customers turned to Pakistan, Indonesia, India and China, Macao and other countries and regions. There are also media reports, the industry in Austria through the analysis of the EU implementation of this measure after a year of market reaction, found that cheap footwear imports did not decrease. industry stakeholders said that this is due to the footwear industry is)