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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Beijing on August 18, the Beijing Olympic Games track and field competition continues to be in the nest. In the men's 110 meter hurdles in the group stage of the sixth group, China's Liu Xiang pulled out of the race, defending his Olympic dream shattered declared in advance. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to NetEase reported seen: Liu Xiang endorsement of many brands: CADILLAC, Nutrilite, Coca-Cola, white sand culture, Shanshan Men, Maxima cars, Erie, Bank of Communications, Lenovo, PVI, O'Connell, China Post EMS, NIKE, China Mobile and other; wherein an endorsement (20,000,000): Nike, Coca-Cola, Yili and VISA. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu's worth out of the race and will not be because of a substantial decline? Sponsored interests will be harmed? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; network news media reports indicate that: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Erie insisted Liu Ting & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Liu condolence letter to Coca-Cola president, marketing plans unchanged & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Shanshan Clothing: Liu Xiang unexpectedly quit lossless image & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; VISA: Liu Xiang will always be friends & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China Ping: Liu Xiang is still our pride & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; O'Connell: an emergency meeting to discuss marketing strategy & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Amway: Liu Xiang after the expiration of the contract with whether to renew the pending & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ...... & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the previous article, we'll do the analysis of celebrity endorsements, for domestic enterprises, to find the right line of celebrity endorsements the use of personal fame star image driven from brand reputation is a very fast and effective method. But there can not be overlooked is uncontrollable factors, namely, the star himself in public view high visibility drawbacks, especially an endorsement of many of the stars, to a certain extent tied to each brand, like Chibi Cao plain water, seemingly stable Visible dark actually suffering from, a fire could be wiped out. A prosperity, a loss is ruined. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; public awareness of domestic enterprises for many years of operational experience relatively multinational giants slightly weak. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; If we say that the greatest impact, probably considered Liu Xiang gold running shoes as well as a provider of non-Olympic sponsor is Nike. Faced with an Olympic sponsor Adidas as home-court advantage, Nike sports stars is an urgent need to break the bureau. So sign Liu Xiang endorsement by trying to compete Adi rise again. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to Interbrand's "200 years of the world's most valuable brand list", is the brand value of $ 12 billion, Nike, Adidas and only $ 4.8 billion, overwhelmed new jordans shoes for sale by Liu Xiang of Nike also affect how much is difficult to define, because we have seen this goddess Nike wings to "JUST DO IT" for the spirit of the brand after the event sudden strong public relations response capacity, which for Adidas and other domestic enterprises It seems to be a real-life version of the public relations practice demonstrate resolve the crisis. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1. Liu Xiang Nike launched a new ad rushed to deal with the situation occurred with cowboy acting style known as Nike, the success of the public concern over Liu Xiang, extradited to on its own brand. "Love sports, even if it breaks your heart," August 19 morning, many people have seen the latest Nike Liu Xiang tailored advertising in the newspaper. This slogan, but also to the public's attention to the eyes, from the injured Liu Xiang, who transferred to the smart Nike, Liu Xiang, the first to support the implementation of the Speech to Action. Nike creative success will resolve the crisis as a concern. From brand protection, the Nike public concern for Liu Xiang, it is natural to introduce to your own brand. From the public mood, the Nike Liu noted the public love and care, so more extreme and maximize express their open-minded and caring spirit, show warmth brands play the "love card", create a positive image of the health of humanity . This shows the resilience of its public relations in leadership, communication skills, organization, execution coordination and interaction, speed and efficiency of the supremacy of the tireless efforts and perseverance. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2. domestic enterprises relatively good, Erie count as one. About Liu Xiang out of the race, Ely announcement said: First, we are very concerned about Liu Xiang's injury, I hope he can recover quickly, out of the shadow of pain, Liu Xiang blessing; second, we have seen, Liu Xiang is more painful than others We know that Liu Xiang can Injured adhere to the present, in fact, has made arduous efforts, he is not easy, thank Liu Xiang; third, not because of Liu Xiang win the gold medal, we choose him as a spokesperson, it will always Erie support for Liu Xiang, support Chinese sports. We believe that Beijing is not the end, Liu Xiang will be able to return to the runway as soon as possible. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from Erie has marketing initiatives run, Liu Xiang of course, is an important propagation window, but the spirit of the Olympic spirit and China, while the spread for the Erie defense Liu Xiang play a positive influence influence, direct manifestation of this spirit is the spokesman for the team as well as the Queen Guo Jingjing and Yi Jianlian. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the same time very different companies Yili and Mengniu also determines the temperament, t Cheap air jordans for sale he Queen more robust corporate marketing style, looking to make sense of its early warning Erie former Olympic marketing investment loss and post-Olympic marketing activities in a relatively stable situation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; modern sports have been given too utilitarian, fame, commercial color, celebrity endorsements businesses will follow the trend of surging lessons. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Coca-Cola, Visa, Nike, has a very sophisticated public relations, their experience is worth careful study of domestic enterprises and learning.Classic bulls white black red color on canvas Air Jordan 1 KO shoes on the perfect show, brings a completely different feel. shoes with white black red color mosaic classic into homes with Nike Air shoes embroidery, easy collocation, and very suitable for summer wear. will be officially on sale in March 15th. release date: March 15th related information:Vans brand culture since the beginning of the establishment in 60s, and skateboard culture is closely related to the birthplace of California skateboard respected, in addition, another island: Hawaii is also because surfing place (slide by surfboard evolved into Vans's favor). Vans California in California branch recently launched a series of shoes: Island Island, Hawaii memorial. This series included Chukka Boot, Authentic Slip-On and three pairs of shoes, the shoes are used quite wear white canvas shoes made of thickened milk, and red wine on it? The name Wahine, Kokua, Kani Ka Pila, on the island of famous place. The details can be seen, the cork material never before seen is used to make shoes lace holes, laces by milky white circular knitting lace. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog2016 Vans was founded 50th anniversary anniversary, it also brought a lot of good quality of the joint, which makes it all the more memorable is Robert Williams x Vans Vault of the joint. Robert Williams is a title, he is not only a "modern art", and "lowbrow pioneer", or "Juxtapoz" which is committed to the dissemination of modern art magazine founder. Earlier he and Vans have been successful, the Vans is also taking advantage of the occasion of 50th anniversary, their work together again. 's feet we review this joint series, which brings Sk8-Hi 38 Decon LX and Slip-On Reissue 98 LX Sk8-Hi 38 Decon two pairs of shoes, LX Sk8-Hi had shoe sponge cut, making it more portable and simple, the body of the shoe as a black tone, cline purple stripes. Slip-On 98 Reissue LX shoes still black as a background, but the use of leather texture, more texture, toe is Robert Williams painting details. Two pairs of shoes is the biggest bright spot through the translucent crystal bott Cheap jordans online om, bottom plate can be seen in a picture of Robert Williams's paintings, let the shoes like art is generally worth treasuring. in addition to the two pairs of shoes, Robert Williams x Vans Vault 2016 series also joint launched the Authentic 44 Reissue LX and a limited edition guitar. Although this series has been on sale in early July 2016 (domestic life), but if you are lucky, now can still buy. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (99) share to micro-blogJordan Brand Jordan Super.Fly to build a new Combat Weapon 3 ushered in a new color version, the new shoes back to use blue and silver upper primary colors, and the honeycomb design is full of shoes, finally with white midsole and outsole grey. BbsImg142102445183643_620_430.jpg (36.19 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Super.Fly 3 white University Blue midnight blue color Upload 09:31 2015-1-12 BbsImg14210244569069_620_430.jpg (37.45 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Super.Fly 3 white University Blue midnight blue color Upload 09:31 2015-1-12 BbsImg142102446140631_620_430.jpg (64.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Jordan Super.Fly 3 white University Blue midnight blue color Upload 09:31 2015-1-12 reebok-space-boots-astronauts-3.jpg (639.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Reebok, Floatride, Space, Boot, SB-01 2017-7-19 upload at 10:52 reebok-s〉Last week, Adidas teamed up with Silicon Valley technology company Carbon jointly developed Futurecraft 4D opened a new era of 3D printing shoes, and shoes from London designer Reuben Arnold ACE 16+ Purecontrol is the type of shoes innovation system and Digital Light Climacool air Synthesis technology to the perfect fusion of classical, overall design topic full. http-// (383.37 KB, download times: 15) download attachment adidas Futurecraft Climacool future concept shoes 2017-4-13 20:44 upload , Adidas, Futurecraft, Climacool 00 nike-2014-spring-summer-roshe-run-hyperfuse-1.jpg (75.6 KB, download times: 1) download attachment 2014-3-14 upload at 12:19 nike-2014-spring-summer-roshe-run-hyperfuse-2.jpg (96 KB, download times: 0) download attachment 2014-3-14 upload at 12:19 nike-2014-spring-summer-roshe-run-hy〉For basketball fans, no more than what can be exciting to dominate the game. Between the domestic basketball environment, in addition to skills training, how to keep your health injury invasion also is essential, in addition to increasing the degree of core muscles developed, a pair of protective excellent basketball boots also became many basketball fans desire. Today, Lining is Cheap foamposites for sale the protagonist of the basketball report for these basketball enthusiasts to create - Lining (Ultimate Armour) ultimate armor. 001IzPVqzy6KNnXzshLb5& amp; 690.jpeg (59.48 KB, download number: 50) download Lining LiNing Ultimate Armour ultimate armor 2014-7-31 21:26 upload designer through slow motion analysis of the injured videos found in basketball most injuries on the ankle, ankle can be said to be one of the most vulnerable part in basketball, if this area is not well protected it is likely to face injuries invasion, therefore, in order to provide ankle designer better protection, specifically with reference to the protection method of professional ankle protector, they will increase sharply by upper to increase the protection of these shoes. The first to see this pair of Lining (Ultimate Armour) ultimate armor you may be shocked by its appearance design is more exaggerated, after all, such a high boots shoes to help design throughout the community are very rare in most basketball boots in the pursuit of low, lightweight moment Lining to create such a pair of shoes but also highlights the Li Ning Co the product designer and confidence of basketball insights and to control the force. When you put this pair of Lining (Ultimate Armour) ultimate armor worn, like a science fiction movie incarnation of the mech warrior, upper high gave the wearer confidence, immediately rushed to the area to rival "melee" desire. Of course, in addition to the modeling of the spotlight, whether it can provide the wearer with a full range of protection is their concern. Carefully observe this pair of Lining (Ultimate Armour) after the ultimate armor you will find that this pair of shoes is divided into two parts, the toe area with a traditional leather and fabric collocation, the two we are very familiar with the material to meet upper position of confrontation, while the last part is the use of shoes Li Ning Co's new Dynamic Shell technology, soft elastic material can be attached to the ankle perfectly, tighten the laces after Dynamic Shell like a protective cover of ankle ankle for the perfect cover, and to the feet firmly fixed in the shoes, the designer also uses an external TPU Counter, providing exceptional wrapped and stable experience for most easily the injured ankle in basketball. 001IzPVqz0In addition to the earlier black and gray color, Nike also for the tidal flavor woven shoes Free Inneva Woven to create a new color version of Stone Light. This kind of woven shoes by stone gray body deep blue leather shoes heel collocation form, head full of vamp is very suitable for summer use, comfortable and lightweight Free outsole for a 5 cut a lot of extra points. 1.jpg (100.67 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Light Stone on foot Mito 2015-6-5 16:59 upload 6.jpg (106.51 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Light Stone on foot Mito 2015-6-5 16:59 upload 5.jpg (72.18 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Light Stone on foot Mito 2015-6-5 16:59 upload 4.jpg (102.23 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Light Stone on foot Mito 2015-6-5 16:59 upload 2.jpg (127.45 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Light Stone on foot Mito 2015-6-5 16:59 upload 3.jpg (132.9 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Light Stone on foot Mito 2015-6-5 16:59 upload thick lines, Mito, Nike, knitting, 00The famous custom unit Dank Customs, the French luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton is particularly popular, has been using Air Jordan 4 as the design blueprint, launched a very luxurious style of customized version. This time, following the earlier custom of grey leather, the Black Suede version came on. The shoe body is covered by black leather texture class, and presented with fringed laces, the custom and the tongue shoe tree also revealed luxury style, while the bottom also has a Louis Vuitton iconic Logo. Of course, as a necessary luxury wooden wooden shoes, is absolutely indispensable accessories. air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-dank-customs-5.jpg (406.27 KB, download times: 7) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, custom Upload 09:44 2015-9-10 air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-dank-customs.jpg (223.66 KB, download times: 15) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, custom Upload 09:44 2015-9-10 air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-dank-customs-2.jpg (277.2 KB, download times: 11) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, custom Upload 09:44 2015-9-10 air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-dank-customs-4.jpg (388.61 KB, download times: 10) download attachment Air Jordan 4, Louis, Vuitton, Don, custom Upload 09:44 2015-9-10 air-jordan-4-louis-vuitton-don-dank-customs-1.jpg (204.43 KB, next 〉Adidas's classic Tech Super, originally unveiled at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, recently ushered in the release of the new colors. Continuation of its retro contours, shoes are made of suede and mesh, color matching will be olive green, dark blue and yellow combination of manufacturing contrast, and then equipped with white midsole showing. Currently, the shoes have been purchased through End., priced at 89 pounds. adidas-tech-super-collegiate-navy-night-cargo-01.jpg (63.16 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Tech Super new color 2014-9-11 13:17 upload Adidas Tech Super 00 Foot Locker recently in Europe officially held the 2015 annual new conference, during which we will visit a sneak preview of a lot of work, and the double Adidas Stan Smith give the impression is profound. The new logo of the continuation of the design, and to the popular white green color, the biggest highlight is the new woven shoes making, let this remarkable new shoes bloom charm. 1.jpg (94.67 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas Stan Smith woven version 2015-1-21 upload at 15:22 air-jordan-1-mid-white-metallic-silver-554724-105-2.jpg (194.66 KB, download times: 0) download attachment Air Jordan 1, Mid, Metallic, Silver, officially released Upload 08:39 2017-7-19 Loopwheeler again with Nike launched joint cooperation projects, this back to the classic retro shoes Internationalist design blueprint. Gray and anthracite color, respectively, two 〉 2008 Olympic year, Adidas usher in a significant increase in performance. However, due to the too optimistic on the market, coupled with the financial tsunami, the apparel industry giant gasps over the first quarter of this year by the inventory problem. The day before, Adidas released earnings, a quarter of the value of the stock rose 28%. The annual report in 2008 showed that the value of the stock has increased by 22.5% year-on-year in 2007. The China Brand Research Institute released the "Olympic marketing report" shows, Adidas domestic stock up to 1 billion yuan, Adidas, said in a statement "groundless". But the first quarter earnings reflect the inventory problem, Adidas time to think seriously. the most serious North American sales of landslide is a large number of shoes factories in the Pearl River Delta, shouted cry piteously for food starving when the sponsor of the Olympic Games 08 years Adidas still recorded sales of 10 billion 800 million euros. under the financial tsunami, relying on the rapid development of the Olympic sports apparel industry can be spared? No, Adidas according to first quarter earnings, net of exchange rates, the group achieved sales revenue of 2 billion 577 million euros, down 6%. The Adidas Reebok sales down 6%, down 4%, golf TaylorMade down 6%, down 10% business merger. A quarter net profit more Pujiang 97%, only 5 million euros, far lower than the market had expected 97 million euros. in the European market, adidas Group sales of 1 billion 175 million euros, down 5% year-on-year decline of 538 million euros in 17%; North America; always in a state of rapid growth of the Asian sales of 628 million euros, also fell 6%. as early as 2008 sales rose, Adidas in earnings obscure position mentioned the value of the stock rose 22.5%. According to sources, it is this fuse, the first half of this year a lot of inventory. However, the situation has not improved, the new results, the inventory value of up to 2 billion 16 million euros, representing a quarter of 2008 increased by 28%. small dealers also want to order sales revenue of 2 billion 577 million euros, 20.16 euros worth of inventory. After the report that the first half of this year sports apparel industry to clear inventory movements obviously, the second half will be improved. But the two digital reference to May Adidas still need to face this battle to clear inventory. "extortionately estimated the 2009 consumer demand." Adidas aspects says. In addition, Reebok also said the creation of new companies and the acquisition of Ashworth in November last year in Latin America are high growth stocks. in fact, even in Asia this gold, Adidas also began to control shipments. local dealer told reporters,)See the title may attract a lot of friends in the heart, the color see are just imaginary figure, but the Yeezy series of classic themes used in other shoes is not what happens. Not to mention the Air Tech Challenge II in the year with a return of the king's momentum return, the U.S. Open color and the upcoming winter theme package show the versatility of the Agassi classic boots. Sneaker thirst for precious Yeezy just can be combined with the Air Tech Challenge II, perhaps we will soon have a chance to see such shoes. nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-solar-red.jpg (46.45 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Tech Challenge II Yeezy color 2014-9-25 10:22 upload nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-red-october.jpg (70.53 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Tech Challenge II Yeezy color 2014-9-25 10:21 upload nike-air-tech-challenge-ii-platinum.jpg (52.58 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Tech Challenge II Yeezy color 2014-9-25 10:21 Nike Tech Challenge II upload, Yeezy, coconut, 00line characteristics described in the old grass ridge loop line self lane length of about 20km across the New Taipei and Yilan County, construction time is more than two years, to ecological engineering methods to deal with the ups and downs of the sections, retained the beautiful Pacific skyline, people by Fulong railway station is the starting point, to the old Grass Mountain Bike tunnel, tunnel Nankou, through the Yilan line rock, rock server, Lai Lai abrasion platform, four corners of the grottoes viewing platform, Mao Ao fishing village, Dongxing palace, back to Fulong train station. this route via the railway line, railway country natural landscape, experience year-round comfortable cool and full of historical atmosphere of the old Grass Mountain tunnel, along to enjoy the variety of geological landscape, such as devil washing board said the Lai Lai abrasion platform, overlooking the turtle island, and the vast Pacific, route has more historical and cultural characteristics of Mao Ao fishing village.